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The All Mountain Ski

The all-mountain and skier-cross ski lines are this winter season’s new arrivals. Now that the lady-ski line has established itself, manufacturers are focusing on increasing versatility – all-round skis that can be used ideally for all snow and slope conditions.

The all-mountain line is a real multi-talent, and is ideal for both the slope and cross-country. These skis are somewhat wider at the waist than a conventional carver (by around 7 cm), and the shovel is more accentuated. Whether the skier is on a normal slope, on fresh or loose-lying snow, or on deep corn snow, this ski will make any slope fun. Despite their somewhat broader design, they are easy to turn and keep a firm grip on ice.

This takes some explaining, as all-mountain skis are still seen as demanding sports gear mainly intended for skilled amateurs and professionals. This is not the case, as our Sueddeutsche Zeitung ski test has shown. Anyone can use all-mountain skis. Most all-mountain skis are very well-behaved, ensuring that even a moderately skilled skier will enjoy using them. The wider middle and resulting pressure distribution give this ski line the advantage over SL skis on soft and heavy corn snow. Turning saves much more energy compared to narrower skis, which tend to dig into the snow. The avid skier that used to keep several pairs of skis – “spring” skis and the like – for different slope conditions will now find that one model is enough. Cost effectiveness for buyers will allow a greater range for manufacturers.

Simon Philipp, Sueddeutsche Zeitung