Marker "Baron"

The Marker Baron is a binding that combines the security and performance of an alpine race binding with the functionality of a touring binding. It lets you do everything in a package that equates to freedom and high performance in the mountains. Unlike torsionally soft touring bindings that come with dead spots and huge stand heights, the Baron allows the ski to perform at its designed level by transmitting energy directly to the ski.

Technical Data

DIN range:
Skiers weight:
Stand height w/o ski:
Toe System:
Gliding AFD:
Step-In Heel:
EPS® System:
Color combinations:
Weight (pair):
Brake width:

4 - 12
< 120 kg
34 mm
Triple Pivot Elite
stainl. steel, height adjustable
Inter-Pivot heel
Dual-screw brake pad
black - gunmetal
2.450 g
90 mm (110 and 130 available)
Special Features: hike function, integrated climbing aid,
freeride brake
Power-Width-Design for maximum power transmission
· shortest frame of all hiking models in the market
· 10 mm wider interface than traditional bindings
· connecting brackets strategically placed in the power transfer
areas for immediate edge control
BCT Back Country Technology uphill hiking mode
· easy adjustment from ride to hike
· hiking aid with 5¬∞ and 10¬∞ position
· protected BCT lever in ski mode
· 40 mm backward movement in BC mode for better
balanced ski swing weight and easier kick turns
· recommended for skis over 76 mm