Enough is never enough and a compromise will always be a compromise. Therefore, for all the skiers who want to make the best of every possible situation or simply for those who can´t make up their minds, Marker created the Schizo. Equipped with all top-level Royal Family components the Schizo features a unique Multi-Stance-Adjustor, that allows to change the binding position on the ski for 60 mm.

Come pipe or powder - you´ll be set onto the perfect position in seconds!

The Royal Family - The Schizo

There´s always two sides to ever story. Two faces that tell the story. But there´s only one choice if you want to do it all! Going wild in a park or in backcountry requires a different skiing technique. When doing jumps and new school tricks you need to be centered on the skis for optimum balance. In powder though, setting the binding back a little improves ski flotation tremenduosly, less force is needed. The Schizo covers it all. One little twist under the toe and the binding is placed exactly where needed.

Technical Data

DIN range:
Skiers weight:
Stand height w/o ski:
Toe System:
Gliding AFD:
Step-In Heel:
EPS® System:
Color combinations:
Weight (pair):
Brake width:

4 - 12
< 120 kg
23 mm
Triple Pivot Elite
stainl. steel, height adjustable
Inter-Pivot heel
Dual-screw brake pad
white - gunmetal
2.150 g
90 mm (110 and 130 available)
Special Features:

· centralized swing weight
· multi-stance adjuster
· freeride brake

Features The Schizo
· Multi Stance Adjustor - 60 mm continuous travel for
perfectly balanced riding position
· Stand height without ski 23 mm
· Superior holding power for free styling
· Centralized Swing Weight: cross-axis toe spring and compact
mounting lead to a short binding, ideal for spins & twists
· recommended for skis over 76 mm
· available with 90 mm and 110 mm brakes
(132 mm brake as accessory)