Craftsmanship | Material | Construction

Handwork and hand selected materials are vital factors for the high quality of August Zweydinger skis.

Therefor our skis are build in such a manner which is the best: A compact ash core is the heart and backbone of each August Zweydinger ski. This is due to the reason that experience shows that foam cores do start to flag after only a few weeks on the piste. To us this is absolutely unacceptable as we demand our skis to have a high expectancy of performance and life! Our ash cores are absolutely dry prior to entering the forming process. The result is that they do neither shrink, nor soak during compression at highest temperatures. The result is the basis for the outstanding performance position of August Zweydinger skis. The wood-core strengthening fibre glass system used in our skis is the of result years and years of experience in masterly ski building. All this reinforced with Titanal on the top and the bottom achieves an extreme warp resistance without negative impact in regard to elasticity.

For base and steel edges we use materials which have demonstrated their outstanding performance abilities in ski racing. We believe that the fast race base must guarantee best operation on the different types of snow. Our edges have to grip safely even on strongest ice. Therfore also here only the best is just good enough for us!

Needless to say that this does also apply to the wood surfaces of our skis! Touch them and you will feel the outstanding quality! The precious woods we are using are tempered in a special process before oiling and waxing them. The result is the perfect matt de luxe August Zweydinger finish! It is self-explanatory that our skis are of course delivered waxed and honed – Ready for the piste but even more important ready for you!