August Zweydinger, born 1876, was the great grandfather of our company´s founder and eponym of August Zweydinger Deutsche Skimanufaktur. As a pioneer in the golden age of skiing and the glamorous flair of the rising ski resorts his name became synonymous with an ageless style. We dedicate our skis to those daredevils and heros revered as adventurers by society at large.

In memory of this great epoch each August Zweydinger ski is manufactured as a homage to those brave trailblazers of skiing.

August Zweydinger skis are technologically fully developed designs, handcrafted in Germany with masterly precision and experience. Only selected materials are used for each individual ski.

The elegant design lends them a particular aura activating most positive emotion and sensation. Precision and matching highest technical standards in ski performance form a symbiosis with the glamorous flair of finest woods.

August Zweydinger skis are unique!