Craftsmanship | Material | Construction

The Zweydinger ski is a handcrafted all-mountain ski, a universal and versatile item of equipment that is highly suited to all levels of capability. (article: "The all-mountain-ski" by Simon Philipp, Sueddeutsche Zeitung)
The wooden core is made of solid matured ash. Unlike plywood or foam-core skis, ash is considerably more elastic, ensuring perfect interaction between bending curve and torsion behaviour. The sidewalls are made of phenolic resin, the standard in professional racing.

The fibre-glass layer is reinforced with two titan-aluminium inlays, giving the ski extreme torsional stiffness and ensuring a straight path, edge hold and stability at high speed. All of the materials fulfil the high quality standards of professional, competitive skiing.

The edges are polished off at a base edge level of 1° and slightly rounded off at the tips. The side edges are polished to an 89° level to ensure optimum edge hold. The skis are fully deburred and the edges polished to minimise friction.

August Zweydinger skis are individually handcrafted – thus ensuring perfect quality in each individual ski.